Hello world!

Welcome to AzureVoid!

As you may have noticed I left the title as it is. There is no special meaning to that it’s just that I was lazy to change the title. In a way it is also quite fitting for this will be my first blog post for the longest of time. Just like the title of this post, the name of my blog doesn’t particularly mean anything as well. I may make up a meaning for the blog name later on though (so people won’t think I just chose that name because it sounded cool).

Now you all may be thinking what this blog is going to be all about. In truth it’s not going to be about a certain something at all, but I will be updating about anything that I find intersting. This blog will probably be a synchronization of my current thoughts of the things I find everyday, so I may rant about something that some of you might or might not find interesting at all. Again, most of the content you will find in this blog will be more about games, anime, manga, and the like (VN, LN, etc.). From that last sentence some of you might think that I’m just another otaku out there… and I probably am.

From time to time I may post about music/sound related things such as headphone and DAC/AMP info’s. I may also be posting some songs that catch my fancy be it classical to rock and most probably JPOP. As a fellow translator (Jap to Eng), I will also be posting here some of the things I translate be it from manga’s to doujins (H and non-H). I am also a freelance artist so I might be posting random drawings that I make to get your opinions.

That’s probably all I can say for now rest assured I will be posting updates every now andthen… hopefully~

So to everyone once more よろしくお願いします!





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