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End Of Another Season

Well it’s been a while since my last blog post so I want to make this as lengthy as possible… Some of you may already know that the anime series of this season has started ending one by one. By next week almost all the anime of last season will already have aired their final episodes.

Eu’s goodbye

Some of the series that have already ended are:

1. Kore wa Zombie Desu ka – of the Dead –

                With the anime cut short into 10 episodes the series still manages to bring people into laughs. The humour of the anime together with the ecchi contents brings the masses to watch it despite the not so serious plot. Or maybe it was serious but it got overshadowed by all the other antics that the anime offers. With the final moments of the anime showing a battle between the MC’s (main characters) the show ends in an abrupt manner. A total cliff hanger ending leaving some anime fans disappointed over the outcome of the ending. With no news of a 3rd season thus far fans have no other choice but to switch over to the manga. Overall, it was a fun watch.

2. Upotte!!

                The idea of turning guns into girls… now where have I heard that before? With the anime revolving around FNC and her group the series doesn’t have that much to offer. From the teacher getting shot time and time again and the rapid switch of serious to comedy of the plot; you might notice that there is not that much to see. With some fan service at the side Upotte gives minimal knowledge about the guns themselves. And with the unsatisfying or maybe even stupid ending of the teacher not dying after getting shot with the reason of those human guns can’t kill humans it leaves this series with very bad impression (OMG did that blood just flow back into his body!?!?).

3. Medaka Box

                As promised by the manga the anime aired just as planned. Even though with the bad start due to fans being displeased with the CV of medaka; the anime still delivered a much joyful experience. Seeing medaka’s super human abilities in motion plus all those ahoges moving every now and then made the show just as much interesting as the manga. With the series ending right after the battle with Unzen the promise of a 2nd season coming where all the hardcore battles start leave me calmly waiting for its release.

4. Fate/Zero S2

                After a long break it’s finally back! As always ufotable’s animation is quite godly and together with Fate/Zero’s story equals total win. The climax of the holy grail war plus Kiritsugu’s life story was clearly depicted in this season. The way season 2 started was also quite epic with the people finally able to watch the river battle against Caster where season 1 took off. Witnessing Kerr- I mean Kiritsugu’s past was pretty painful to watch. The story of how he became a killer and how he killed those close to him made me cry inside (especially in the last episode). Battle scenes may be short but rest assured they are not poorly made and you will be satisfied watching it (at least I was). Seeing the link between Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero just made the series all the more appealing making it a great anime to watch.

5. Aquarion EVOL

                Following 12000 years after Sousei no Aquarion, Aquarion EVOL starts off with the MC Amata watching a movie of the legend of Aquarion. Like the prequel, Aquarion EVOL still retains the features such as the merging vectors, element powers, and the all so famous Mugen Punch. The characters of Sousei no Aquarion also makes appearances in this season to link everything into place. Story wise Aquarion EVOL was really good plus all the antics of the characters because of the Love is Forbidden Law just made the anime all the more enjoyable. Of course, the rage moments are still there but those moments add to the magnitude of the story. Overall the series was a great watch and with that type of ending I was pretty satisfied with how things ended.

6. Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

                After watching the flash animation of Nyaruko I started to wonder if they were really going to make an anime out of it… and they did! Hayore! Nyaruko-san is one of those comedic anime’s that have a ton of references from other anime’s and games like Guilty Gear and Kamen Rider.  With Lovecraft characters turned into moe cute characters and the entire universe hooked to earth entertainment, this anime will give you a good time watching and laughing at the same time. The ending might have been a little cliché nevertheless it was still a good way to end a series.

7. Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

                Yuuko, a ghost who has forgotten her past… how will she solve her regret now? Tasogare Otome starts off a little comedic due to Teiichi’s and Yuuko’s action throughout the series, but later on the story gets all the more darker. With some fan service here and there where Teiichi touches Yuuko’s breasts and when Yuuko is naked, the main underlying concept is quite interesting. The dark story of Yuuko’s past and the reason why she keeps forgetting about it makes the anime a time well spent watching. As an added bonus Tasogare Otome has an ending that may bring fans into tears (at least I did ;_; ) .

8. Zetman

                What is justice? Will you kill a person to save another group of people or will you save both.  This is one of the main question that is clearly depicted throughout the story. Jin, thrown through various chaos and turmoil now hunts his own kind known as Players, and his friend Kouga who wants to be a hero of justice. Time and time again Jin and Kouga’s view on what needs to be done clashes with each other’s individual beliefs. With the antagonist trying to bring Jin back as the Charisma and to get Kouga to realize what his own sense of justice is; it would seem that throughout the whole series the MC’s were just being toyed around by the antagonist. Nevertheless, Zetman is a good show to watch away from all the moe and cute things.

9. Jormungand

                Jormungand, the world snake of Norse mythology… this show is nothing about that. The series is about a young arms dealer Koko Hekmatyar who travels the world with her group of trained fighters to sell weapons to various people. Though you wouldn’t really notice that this show was about killing people and selling weapons if you just look at Koko’s behaviour. With tons of gun fights against the mafia, military, you name it; Jormungand has loads of action to share to the viewers.  With the ending cutting abruptly as something was about to happen fans maybe be disappointed with the overall outcome. But hey at least there is a second season announced so all we have to do is wait patiently for its release.

10. Natsuiro Kiseki

                A rock that grants wishes… HOORAY! Natsumi, Yuka, Saki, and Rinko voiced by the popular Japanese band Sphere the story revolves around these 4 girls. With Saki about to leave the group and transfer schools, the girls spend a magical summer of adventure with the help of the wish granting rock. Though the animation quality of some of the episodes being a little bad, the overall story is ok. I’m sure most of us can relate to not wanting to move away because it will separate us from our friends and from the place of our treasured memories. With a satisfactory ending Natsuiro Kiseki is one of those anime with loads of moral lessons of life. Not really a show for everyone, but personally I enjoyed it.

11. Sankarea

                Originally I was reading the manga and when I watched the anime I was quite delighted. Seeing Rea talk and move just made her all the more cuter. After watching it just made me realize how weird Furuya was once again but I don’t hate him. Even I would be okay with a moe zombie girl following me around. With the premise of trying to find a cure of bringing a zombie back to life you’d think that the story will be really dark and serious but not this one. With all that said, Sankarea had one of the worst endings this line up. It was more like an abrupt stop which people will hardly count as anything but an ending.

12. Acchi Kocchi

                Personally this anime is one of my favorites this season for its sheer cuteness. With each character having their own individual charms this show will totally keep you entertained. The anime revolves around Io and Tsumiki’s group as they live their lives in school with loads of comedy and utmost cuteness. Even if Acchi Kocchi is one of those general slice of life anime’s rest assured it will keep you hooked with their antics. The ending was also pretty good but it could have been better if those annoying earthquake warnings weren’t there (waiting for a better raw).

13. Moretsu Pirates

                Legal space pirates… that’s something new I guess (or maybe I just don’t remember). The once normal life of Katou Marika is now forever changed as she becomes the new captain of the pirate space ship Bentenmaru. Another personal favorite of mine because for some reason it always makes me want to see the next episode. Each arc/job that Captain Marika gets has loads of action that will leave you anything but bored. The ending was also great. That fight scene (OMG Trans-AM?!?!) on the last episode was just superb in more ways than one. A great watch which I will remember for a long time.

14. Nazo no Kanojo X

                Okay… this was one manga that I thought will never be turned to an anime. Obviously I thought wrong. In my opinion, Nazo no Kanojo was really weird with the whole saliva fetish but I ended up reading the manga all the way anyway. When I started watching the anime it felt even weirder than it already was, but I still ended up watching it till the last episode. I don’t know this series seems to have this mysterious charm that keeps me watching it despite all other things.

15. Sakamichi no Apollon

                A trip to the past… I guess that’s what would describe Sakamichi no Apollon the best for me. With the concept of Jazz attracting me to the show (yes I like jazz) gradually I started liking the show not just for the jazz itself. Showing that opposites do attract Kaoru and Sentarou was bonded together by music and now became friends. The plot isn’t very complex but that’s good since the series was able to depict this sense of realism of what it’s like in the 1960’s. A classic slice of life anime with really complex love situations, Sakamichi no Apollon doesn’t have anything ground breaking to deliver. Should you be looking for an anime with brilliant twists then this isn’t the show for you, but if you are into slice of life genre then maybe you can give it a shot.

16. Kimi to Boku 2

                Season 2 of Kimi to Boku. How will the 2nd season differ from the first? Well to tell the truth nothing much has changed. It’s still that usual slow paced anime that revolves around those 5 childhood friends. Let me just say this now, this anime is not about yaoi! Not much of a story in it but it is easy to understand and fun to watch. This show doesn’t have that much to offer and I assure you that most people wouldn’t even watch this. Even so, Kimi to Boku has its own perks that will make some people enjoy watching. As for me I just watched it no apparent reason really.

17. Tsuritama

                My first impression was “wow that art is so pretty” and then when I continued watching it the plot kinda got weird when haru said he was an alien. Giving the show a chance before dropping it the story gradually got better and with the catchy music all around I started liking the show. With tons of jokes around the series it will get you hooked (haha get it?). You’d never think fishing will be this entertaining, well aside from Grander Musashi which was more inclined to action more than comedy. Overall the show was okay with a bunch of moral lessons that you can pick up along the way.

18. Hiiro no Kakera

                Based from an otome game (乙女ゲーム), Hiiro no Kakera is a reverse harem where the main heroine must succeed the “Tamayori Hime” mainly her grandmother and protect the seals together with the guardians. The music is pretty good that it really fits the environment of the anime. Though the story is kinda slow paced the action scenes make up for it for they are really well done. Being a reverse harem anime I already see it not being popular with the crowd. Do people have something against reverse harem shows or something? I mean La Corda d’ Oro was also pretty good but a lot of people hated it for some reason. I know people have preferences about these things but it still makes me wonder. Even though I’m a guy I actually enjoyed watching this show, but again I bet most people will not be interested.

Of course with the end of the old season a new set of anime will take its place. In fact the preairs of Campione! And Kokoro Connect is already out for viewing so go watch it. So are the first episodes of Arcana Famiglia, Tari Tari, and Muv-luv. In my opinion this summer season is going to be a good period based on the summer anime line-up. Though there seems to be a lot of LN (Light Novels) that are having their own anime adaptation such as Date A Live,  Sword Art Online, Campione!, and Oda Nobuna no Yabou. Date A Live and Sword Art Online was a good read for me so hopefully they retain that quality in the anime.

Personally, I’ve been waiting for the second coming of older seasons such as Dog Days, Rinne no Lagrange, and especially Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon (Darn you LN why are you so hard to read!!). One particular series has caught my attention is Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate. This was originally a VN (Visual Novel/Eroge) and I really enjoyed playing it. So I kinda have a high expectation on this anime since if it sucks I swear I might kill somebody!

If you guys are interested in the new series you can always search the videos in youtube and get the charts from various sites. Well that’s it for now; I guess this wasn’t as long as it was supposed to be. The pictures made it seem long, but oh well don’t know what else to say. See you in the next post~