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New Season

With the end of most of this season’s anime people would usually wonder what would take their place. To answer that question here is a comprehensive chart of the anime line-up for the fall season of 2012 courtesy of neregate.

Review of last season anime is still on the way so stay tuned~


The New Look

It took some time, but I finally changed how this place looks. Yeah sure it doesn’t look that coordinated with the color scheme and all that, but it’s a start. The images here are not mine so we should always give credit to the artists who made them.


First up is the Background

This was done by the Artist アカバネ。It has a fairytale like feeling and the picture just made me feel relaxed when looking at it.

Pixiv ID:

Well, that’s it for now. With this seasons anime nearly ending I might post an Anime Line up for the Fall season so just check every now and then.