Mugen Souls OST

Hello again everyone~

Well recently I’ve been getting a lot of free time due to the fact that I graduated already and my job has been pretty easy so far. So I can finally play all those games that I should have been playing for the past few years of my life. Recently, I’ve been hooked to the game Mugen Souls by Compile Heart and I got to say it’s pretty interesting. With so much grinding involved it reminded me of the Disgaea series which I also played for XXX amount of hours. So without further a do hear is the OST of Mugen Souls.


Title: The Music of Mugen Souls

File Size: 102.02 MB
Release Date: Mid October

File Format: MP3

Bit rate: 320kbps
Classification: Original Soundtrack

01. Mugen Souls Suite

02. Happy Chappy Street

03. Down to the Street

04. Clown of Pandora

05. A Coral Beach

06. A Nosedive of Honeybee

07. Dream of Fantasia

08. Searching in a Cherry Tree

09. Monster Breath

10. Water World

11. Oak Tree’s Steps

12. In Sequence

13. In the Early Afternoon

14. The Struggle for Existance

15. The Universe of 7 Colors

16. Appearance of Enemy

17. Great Castle

18. The Roar of Monster

19. Violence Emotion

20. Extinction of Mugen-Souls

Download Link:



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