Devil Survivor 2 Anime In Production!

devil survivor 56

Hello Summoners,

You are about to enter the end of the year, good job surviving thus far. The battle is not over for a greater battle will come upon us on April 2013 which will be differerent from all the other battles you have faced until now. Train yourselves to be ready for the upcoming disaster that will strike us soon. See you all soon.

Let’s Survive!

So how was my Devil Survivor impression. Obviously you can see that I am too hyped for this! For those who don’t know what Devil Survivor is it’s a DS/3DS game that uses the Shin Megami Tensei (Persona, Devil Summoner, etc.) concept. The series has currently 2 games in which the first game has a remade version of Devil Survivor Overclock which adds an 8th day in each ending. If you haven’t played it yet I highly suggest that you should for it’s a great game with a great story. Though it makes me sad that they will not make the first game into an anime having the 2nd game made into an anime is still a real treat~ Though one leaves to wonder which route it will take in the anime or will it be a whole new story all together. Well obviously to find out lets all stay tuned to see.

The anime has been announced to air on April 2013 on MBS TV

You may visit the website which looks cool by the way here:

Devil Survivor 2 Anime Website

Let’s Survive!



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