It’s time for some updates regarding the DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 Anime. Some of you might already have noticed but the website of DS2A was updated around December 28, but due to the holidays I wasn’t really able to post the new things they have added. So withouth further ado update your comps (oh wait it was cellphones in 2) and let’s get started!

先ずは新しいPV出てきた! (First of all a new PV)

For those who played the game we know that we had the freedom to choose the name of the MC/Protagonist, but alas he needs to be given a name in the anime. Just like what happened in Persona 4 (P4) The Animation. So here is the list of characters that will appear in the series so far.



1) 久世響希 (クゼ ヒビキ)/18歳

Kuze Hibiki/ 18 years old

ds2a 2

2)  志島大地 (シジマ ダイチ)/18歳

Shijima Daichi/ 18 years old (hmm… looks a lot like yosuke from P4)

ds2a 3

3) 新田維緒 (ニッタ イオ)/18歳

Nitta Io/ 18 years old (Can’t wait to see her boo- I mean character!)

ds2a 4

4) 峰津院大和 (ホウツイン ヤマト)/ 17歳

Hotsuin Yamato/ 17 years old (oh wow… I knew you were young, but not this young!)

ds2a 5

5) 憂う者 (ウレウモノ)/ 年齢不詳

Anguished One/ Age Unknown

Well that’s it for now. Gonna start translating the character introductions and story later so in the mean time you can go check the updated website. The staffs&casts are there already, but ofcourse the CV (character voices) is still underconstruction.

DS2A website: HERE



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