DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 Anime Update 2

It’s time for another Devil Survivor 2 Update! Most of you might already have seen it, but there has been a huge update in their website and twitter page. So first of is a couple of new PV that they uploaded in youtube:




Now more characters has been updated with the CV included~

ds2a 6

6) 迫真琴(サコ マコト) / 26歳

Makoto Sako / 26 years old

CV: Sawashiro, Miyuki

ds2a 7

7) 和久井啓太(ワクイ ケイタ) / 16歳

Wakui Keita / 16 years old

CV: Saito, Fuko

ds2a 8

8) 九条緋那子(クジョウ ヒナコ) / 19歳

Hinako Kujou / 19 years old

CV: Koshimizu, Ami

ds2a 9

9) 柳谷乙女(ヤナギヤ オトメ) / 24歳 (BEST GIRL~)

Yanagiya Otome / 24 years old

CV: Iguchi, Yuka

ds2a 10

10) 菅野史(カンノ フミ) / 21歳

Kanno Fumi / 21 years old

CV: Yamaguchi, Rikako

ds2a 11

11) 伴亜衣梨(バン アイリ) / 15歳

Airi Ban / 15 years old

CV: Asumi, Kana

ds2a 12

12) 鳥居純吾(トリイ ジュンゴ) / 19歳

Jungo Torii / 19 years old

CV: Namikawa, Daisuke

ds2a 13

13) 秋江譲 (アキエ ユズル) / 25歳

Yuzuru Akie / 25 years old

CV: Madono, Mitsuaki

ds2a 14

14) 栗木ロナウド(クリキ ロナウド) / 26歳

Ronaldo Kuriki / 26 years old

CV: Koyama, Rikiya


One thought on “DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 Anime Update 2

  1. Pretty! This was a really wonderful article. Thank you for providing these details. I hope you don’t mind, I bookmarked DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 Anime Update 2 | Azure Void at Dzone so my friends will see it too.

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