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The Idolm@ster Theater Performance 01 Thank You

Based on another iDOLM@STER themed mobile game called MillionLive with currently 4 albums lined up for release. Just as always they find more ways to milk out the money from fans but I don’t mind as long as the franchise stays strong. If you guys pre-ordered the first release special you should have got a chance to enter the lottery to their next live. So to those who are going see you in a few months and let’s all see each other in THE iDOLM@STER Live Event Hop! Step! Festival!


Album Title: The Idolm@ster Theater Performance 01 Thank You

File Format: MP3

File Size: 39.33 MB

Release: April 24, 2013

1 Thank You!
2 Thank You! (765PRO ver.)
3 Thank You! (765THEATER ver.)
4 Thank You! (Off Vocal)

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