Explosive Anime Fall Line-up 2013

Hello Guys and Gals!

With this week marking the end of most if not all Summer anime, we are now greeted with a whole new batch! When I said explosive I mean it because this coming fall marks us with 50 new titles a lot of which are new. Amongst those in the list, there are a fair share of continued seasons as well such as Magi, Valvrave, Phi Brain, and the like. As usual there are many LN anime adaptations also in the list. Things to look out for in my opinion are Outbreak Company, Golden Time, Kyoukai no Kanata,  and Kikou Shoujo.  I’m not a fan of LN anime adaptations since it usually brings in the wrong crowds/fans into the scene, and plus a problem with pacing of the story where they usually skip a lot of things.

There are also a bunch of game anime adaptations such as the upcoming Blazblue Alter Memory, Little Busters ~Refrain~, and Walkure Romanze. By the way the 3rd season of Little Busters is already confirmed (confident aren’t we). I have no idea actually on how Ricotta pulled of a Walkure Romanze anime out of nowhere. I remember during it’s release it wasn’t fairly that popular if you compare it with other VNs that got an anime.

With that I leave you this list.

Chart courtesy of Neregate!


Click on the Image for Full View


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