Anime Summer Line-up 2014


Once again it’s time to say farewell to the old and hello to the new. In the next few upcoming days the anime currently airing will be coming to a close, some of which some have already ended. To help you get started on what’s coming up next season here’s a chart that you can use to review which animes you would keep an eye on for the next few months.

Chart courtesy to Zana of neregate!

anime summer 2014Click here for full image

        Quite a few anime caught my eye this upcoming Summer. From the Originals are Glasslip (because of P.A. Works) and Aldnoah Zero (because of all the CMs it played). Let us not forget the return of some anime now in their 2nd season such as Re:_Hamatora, Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei!, Space Dandy, and Yama no Susume (short but sweet)!

        SAO, Monogatari, and FREE will also be getting a second season this upcoming summer, but I’m not that excited for them. Manga adaptations are also in abundance with Akame ga Kill (not watching since the manga scared me), Sabagebu! (hopefully not another C3bu), Himegoto!, Sailor Moon Crystal, Magimoji Rurumo, and Hanayamata (very interested in this).

        Tokyo ESP and Ghoul didn’t have a big impact to me as of yet, but that can all change in the first 3 episodes. Some light novels are also getting an adaptation such as Jinsei, Serei Tsukai no Kenbu (interesting read but honestly never wanted this get an anime), Rokujyouma no Shinryakusha!?, and Rail Wars! (been interested in this ever since they gave vol.1 for free in winter comiket last year).

        Those are just some of the shows that caught my attention for now. Many others in the chart so please do use it to get an overview for the upcoming broadcasts.

Here’s a PV collection of most of the upcoming anime:


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