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Anime Summer Line-up 2016

Summer is well on its way with the heat wave it brings around the world, but the anime wave it brings is just getting started. Yes, in the upcoming days a new set of anime will be filling the void left by those who’ve ended. Well there are 2 shows already well on their way such as Fukigen na Mononokean and ReLIFE whose entire season have already been leaked. Of course 2cour shows such as Re:Zero, Kuromukuro, et. al. will be continuing its broadcast as usual.

Summer 2016 Anime Chart v2

Summer 2016 Anime Chart v2


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Let’s get started with highlights. Yes, I’m talking about Prisma Illya Drei who’ll be airing this season!

prisma illya 192

Another show to get excited about is the return of a once dead series D.Gray-man which will be coming back to slay more hallows. Amanchu! should also gather quite a bit of attention for being what’s said to be the spiritual successor of ARIA. Lastly the next manga time kirara serialization to get an anime adaptation New Game!


Next would be continued seasons such as Active Raid, Shokugeki no Souma, and Arslan Senki. A good line-up of VN adaptations is also present with Planetarian and Rewrite.


And oh yeah Masou Gakuen H x H cause lewd.

hybrid heart

Compiled PVs here: