Welcome to the Azure Void! You are about to embark on an experience like to other so just sit back and relax… is what I would like to say. Anyways the main purpose of this site is spread news and information about anime, games, Japanese culture, and anything else that catches my eye. Occasionally I may share the following:


  • This can be from anime songs to game OST’s and Vocaloid albums
  • Manga and Doujins. I will share some manga and doujins that I find really interesting to read. Also some of these will be scanlated by myself, rest assured I will give credit and notice if I am not the one who scanlated the work.
  • Programs, Themes, etc. As a programmer I may be making the most random things that people may find interesting to use. I also usually make themes for FireFox and Chrome so I might share some of those as well. Others include rainmeter skins, Winamp themes, and the like.


In addition, this site will also contain news and reviews on figures and anime. Again due to time constraints any form of updates may vary. So you might see no new posts for a month or suddenly a spam of post all in a week.


As a reminder to everyone some of the posts maybe rated 18+ (mature content). Please take note of this while you are browsing the site. Thank you for understanding




So far there are no other authors aside from myself. Oh, forgot to introduce myself. My online name is Zero which I will be using at this blog. I’ve been using this name ever since I started blogging during high school and as the time passed the name became all the more common. Now I can’t use the name Zero itself now so I usually have aliases like DarkZero, FlameZero, and ZeroGospel. Actually all the names I make have the word Zero in it.


About the Name


You guys are probably thinking what the name stands for. Well for starters Azure is one of my favorite shades of blue while Void is one of my favorite elements. Two of my favorite things tied together, nothing special. Thus the name AzureVoid came to existence.


Site History


This blog opened June 2, 2012, which is actually my 3rd blog. The first blog I ever had was on Yahoo’s geocities, but it closed down. That site turned out to be my very first time creating and image board. So I was really depressed knowing that everything I’ve done was gone in an instant. Then I moved to blogger for about a year, and then it was again closed down for sharing some “inappropriate links” a.k.a. Hentai Doujins and Manga’s. After that I just kinda got lazy on doing the whole blogging thing and just helped do post on my friends’ blogs. Now after a long time of recuperating I am ready to start a new.

Hare Nochi Kitto Nanohana Biyori

© 2012. All rights are copyright to their respective owners.

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