Yuuki Yuuna ha Yuusha de aru S Visual Novel

yuyuyu game 49

This actually released a few days back but as a rule of thumb I wait for a few days before sharing something. This game contains some short stories which occur right after the anime so if you haven’t finished the anime yet I recommend finishing it first before playing this.

No fancy steps needed to run this time. Just unzip and run.




Yuuki Yuuna ha Yuusha de aru Visual Novel

yuyuyu game op

Hi guys! Just got my copy of Yuuki Yuuna ha Yuusha de aru BD vol. 1 in the mail today and you might have already heard that it comes with a visual novel by Minasoft!

So I’m here to share it with you guys to help lessen all the suffering this far. I’m sure Takahiro will save Christmas… Everyone will be happy in the end… (´;Д;`)

yuyuyu game tutorialAll you need to do is to unrar the download and then drag and drop the application into the AlphaROMdiE as seen above.



Cherry Tree High Comedy Club

Oh hey, this is actually the first time I’m posting on the same month ( ゚ ヮ゚). So without further a do let me get this started!

This time I’m sharing a game that I’m currently playing. It’s been released since April but yeah too many backlogs of games, anime, and school work. (๑¯⌓¯๑)

opening screen

Description: (Courtesy of vndb)

Comedy fanatic and high school student Miley Verisse has decided to set up a comedy club in her school, but her nemesis and the head of the student council, Octavia Richmond, isn’t about to make things easy… The school rules require a minimum of 5 students to set up a new club and Miley is 3 people short! Spring break has just started and Miley has until the end of April to recruit the 3 new members she needs to start the club or Octavia will have the last laugh!

Some Screenshots:




Arrow keys – movement

x – cancel/menu/back

c – talk/select

Size: 90 MB