[RAW] Sachina no Roshutsu Nikki 2

Bought from DL-site. The original file was actually in PDF so had to use some random site that converted PDF to JPG. I’m not sure how the quality of the image suffered from that, but it looked fine for me. Also have Chiru Roshutsu 13 & 14 but in physical copy and have no idea how to scan it without ruining the doujin itself.


[ちみはうす (たかぴ)] 沙智菜の露出日記2 [DL版]


[Chimee House (Takapi)] Sachina no Roshutsu Nikki 2 [Digital]

Download link:



Anime Summer Line-up 2018

Summer shows will start airing by next week. Meaning swimsuit events for various games as well! Summer just barely hits the 50 titles mark plus only a handful of shows continuing from the last. This is good considering the overwhelming amount of shows that’s been produced from the past seasons. Now more time to actually catch up on other works or just practically do something else.

PV Compilation:



[RAW] Comike ni Kita yo! Saachike Baishun Fate-chan

Something I bought a few days back. It’s actually part of a doujin series but this particular one was missing which was the middle half of the currently 3 part series.


[おほしさま堂 (GEKO)] コミケに来たよ! サーチケ売春フェイトちゃん (魔法少女リリカルなのは)


[Ohoshisamadou (GEKO)] Comike ni Kita yo! Saachike Baishun Fate-chan (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)

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Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! To be honest I also had a chart prepared for the winter line-up but as I finished and did the final save my PC crashed… and lo and behold the file got corrupted and no matter what I did couldn’t get it back.

Seeing all the work I did gone was tough and redoing everything was gonna be a pain the butt so I decided to just give up this time around.

So as a lazy substitute here’s one made by someone else:

Also a PV compilation:

Anime Fall Line-up 2017

Here we go again. New shows for the new season! Do note though that 2 cour shows that continue from last season (Fate Apocrypha, Ballroom, etc.) isn’t included in the chart.

Yeah some info are missing because I couldn’t find them in the official website nor their twitter account so it’s listed as “____” in the chart.

PV Compilation:

Anime Summer Line-up 2017

So the guy who usually makes the charts decided to stop so I made one myself. Pretty rushed since the new season starts next week but it should do for now.

Anime Summer Line-up 2017

Some shows have their time slot blank because no official word has been released which is kinda weird since summer starts really soon. Anyways that’s it for now.

PV compilation can be viewed below: