Koma Hibiki Ch.02 ENG

Chapter 2 is here! … well that took forever. Being 社会人 is hard (´・ω・`)

Volume 1






Koma Hibiki Ch.01 ENG

Hey guys first post of the year \o/

Here’s something I’ve been working on. I would have got this out earlier but all the redrawing took some time. I can release faster if I don’t hassle with redrawing everything but that would make me feel bad. What do you guys think? Regarding other scanlations, I would still do Shiritsu Hakanai Gakuen and as someone requested I might pick up Koe no Oshigoto as well starting at Ch. 43.


Without further ado here you go!

P 001

Synopsis :

With the passing of the her grandfather the Eisei Meijin whom she’d spend most of her childhood together, Ayumi lost sight of her goal. On the other side, Erika who’s aiming to become a pro at Shogi to pay the dept her father left with them after running away. Right after entering high school the two meet at the on thing they shared in common, the Shogi Club. Find out how their story unfolds as they go through life centered around Shogi!



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